Rising waters

The oceans are rising, and so is San Francisco Bay. Planners and architects from around the world recently converged on the region to offer solutions for nine swathes of shoreline threatened with inundation.

The world is going through many important environmental, economical and political changes. Check out some more breathtaking images of the world that will make you reflect on the positive things you are doing for the world.

The June issue of Estuary News, organ of the San Francisco Estuary Project, surveys the results of this “Resilient by Design” competition. I contribute an overview piece, “Reflecting on the Rush to Resilience,” as well as an appreciation of the late Carl Morrison, a key player in the related field of flood control. On the local scale as well as the planetary scale, it’s the question of the hour: can we organize fast enough to slow the course and manage the consequences of climate change? Photo by SPUR.