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Offering hard to find titles by Hart and others, including several poets of the Activist Group. Prices include all charges including domestic postage and handling. Books by Hart and several others can be autographed. Condition is usually mint. Order via; PayPal accepted.

Barlow, Robert, et al. Accent on Barlow: An Anthology of Activist Poetry. San Rafael, Calif.: Lawrence Hart, 1962. A collection centered on poet-anthropologist Robert Barlow and including poems by his colleagues in the poetic “Activist Group.” $40.00 paper.

Fiddler, Claude, and Steve Roper. A Vast and Ancient Wilderness: Images of the Great Basin. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1997. Introduction by Hart. $50.00 cloth.

Hart, John. Saving Cities, Saving Money: Environmental Strategies That Work. San Francisco: Resource Renewal Institute, 1992. $20.00 paper.

Hart, John. Storm over Mono: The Mono Lake Battle and the California Water Future. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996. $30.00 paper, 50.00 cloth.

Hart, Lawrence, et al. Ideas of Order in Experimental Poetry. Berkeley, George Leite, 1945. An early statement of Activist poetics. $20.00 paper.

Horan, Robert. A Beginning. New York: AMS Press, 1970. Republication of the 1948 Yale Series winner. $30.00 cloth.

McGahey, Jeanne. Homecoming with Reflections. In Quarterly Review of Literature Contemporary Poetry Series IX. One of Village Voice Literary Supplement’s “Best books of the year.” $15.00 paper, $25.00 cloth.

McGahey, Jeanne. Oregon Winter. Andes, New York: Woolmer-Brotherson, 1973. $10.00 paper, $15.00 cloth.

McGahey, Jeanne, ed. The poetry LETTER. San Rafael, Ca.: Lawrence Hart Institute, 1983-86. 17 issues of this newsletter of literary debate were published under a grant from the San Francisco Foundation. $50.00 the set.

Moore, Rosalie. Of Singles and Doubles. Andes, New York: Woolmer-Brotherson, 1979. Distills the mid-career work of the Yale Series winner and early Activist poet. $30.00 cloth.

Moore, Rosalie. Gutenberg in Strasbourg. Floating Island Press. A cycle of poems related to the invention of the printing press. $15.00 paper, $25.00 cloth.

Moyles, Lois. I Prophesy Survivors. Andes, New York: Woolmer-Brotherson, 1971. $25.00 cloth.

Ostrander, Fred. The Hunchback and the Swan. Poetry. $20.00 cloth.

Trivelpiece, Laurel. Legless in Flight. Woolmer-Brotherson Poetry Series, 1978. $20.00 cloth.

Weiss, Ted and Renée, editors. The Quarterly Review of Literature Fiftieth Anniversary Poetry Anthology. New work by writers featured in the magazine and book series, including Jeanne McGahey. $35.00 cloth.