The latest Blue Unicorn

It’s one thing to start up a poetry journal, quite another to keep it coming for decades. With the October 2015 issue, Blue Unicorn, published in Kensington near Berkeley, California, approaches its fortieth year;  I’ve been an editor for a third of that run. Every cover–over 100 so far–has featured a piece of unicorn art [...]

Activist Poets in Wales

There’s a nice feature on the Activist poets (working in the tradition of my father Lawrence Hart) in  the Summer/Fall issue of Seventh Quarry, an international poetry journal based in Swansea, Wales. That’s Dylan Thomas country, as editor Peter Thabit Jones proudly points out. The set includes poems by Jon Miller, Pat Nelson, Fred Ostrander,  [...]

Activist poets in June

On June 3 I’m reading with others at the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis, 444 Natoma Street,  7 to 9 PM. It’s their Art and Poetry Evening in conjunction with a big analysts’ convention that’s in town. On June 14, my colleague Bonnie Thomas launches her book Sun on the Rind, fresh from Sugartown Publishing, [...]

My poetry discussion group at Book Passage in Corte Madera starts up again March 3, 2015 and runs for eight sessions. Proceeding more or less chronologically, we kick around poems and poets from Shakespeare to last week, touching on many “classics” and also some lesser known names.  The people who sign up help set our [...]

Four poetry collections, recent or forthcoming from Sugartown Publishing, mark the reemergence of a poetic movement known as the Activists.  No, it’s not politics.  “Activist” was the nationally recognized rubric for poets working with my father, teacher-critic Lawrence Hart, in the 1940s/50s and after. Since Lawrence’s death in 1996, a number of writers have continued [...]

Blue Unicorn

I am an editor of Blue Unicorn, a tri-quarterly all-verse magazine published in Kensington, California, since 1977. You are heroes in the poetry field.—Helga Sandburg I think Blue Unicorn prints as good poetry as any magazine in the States.—Karl Shapiro